Te Hūmeka

Bringing political whakaaro to the people

Founded in 2010, Te Hūmeka Māori Business Network’s (Te Hūmeka) mission is to support all Māori to realise their economic aspirations, and achieve financial prosperity.

Wāhi | Location: Waikato
Pae tukutuku | Website: tehumeka.co.nz
Awhina | Support: Government Relations

Kaupapa | Initiative

Te Hūmeka is on a mission to empower, connect, and support Māori businesses in the Waikato to realise their economic aspirations and achieve financial prosperity. Founding member Kim Hill (Ngāti Rangitāne, Pākeha) is passionate about a vibrant, values-based platform that advocates for strong Māori economic development. Turns out, so does the Government – so Kim’s taken a strategic approach to score wins for all.

Wero | The Challenge

“We’re a Māori economic development agency, so to hear through mainstream media that Government had made Māori regional economic development a priority, Te Hūmeka needed to find a way to plug in for our region, quickly. My priority became how to approach engagement in a way that is authentic, and will serve our community.”

As an under-resourced, not-for-profit, Kim decided one of the best ways to return value to the community would be to explore how the already established Te Hūmeka network and resources could be utilised by the Government to increase value within the Māori economy.

Te Āhua Mahi | Our Approach

“Holly is an exemplary pitcher: she knows how to ensure your story is compelling for each individual audience, while maintaining its authenticity.”

The extensive experience Awhi has, navigating within the political realm, and the organisation’s knack for approaching engagement from a Māori world view, gave Kim the comfort Te Hūmeka would be in safe hands.

“Something the organisation also understands is the power of timing: when it’s suitable to put your kaupapa in front of a political leader, or hold back. Holly is ever cognisant of the going-ons in Wellington, so the organisation doesn’t put its foot in it.”

Ngā Hua | The Outcome

The founders of each organisation have forged an ever-lasting bond, and continue to collaborate on kaupapa of significance beyond Te Hūmeka.

“Wherever there is an opportunity to bid for funding or improve a community offering supported by the Government, then you should consider government relations and engagement assistance, it will help you put your best foot forward.”

Awhi is my go-to when I think about anything to do with government relations, especially when it comes to lobbying for kaupapa Māori issues.

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